A Peter Rogers Production
Directed by Gerald Thomas


Screenplay: Talbot Rothwell
Music: Eric Rogers
Certificate A/PG
89 minutes

Gladstone Screwer -
Doctor Frederick Carver
Doctor Ernest Stoppidge -
Doctor James Nookey -
Goldie Locks -
Matron -

Mrs Moore

Miss Fosdick -
Mr Pullen -
Wilfred Bramble
Male Patient -
Nurse Willing -
Elizabeth Knight
Henry -
Miss Armitage -
Pat Coombs
Mrs Beasley -
Patricia Hayes
Lord Paragon -
William Mervyn
Stout Woman -
Alexandra Dane
Porter -
Harry Locke
Deirdre -
Valerie Leon
Old Lady -
Lucy Griffiths
Night Sister -
Gwendolyn Watts
Out-Patients Sister -
Valerie Van Ost
Patient in Plaster -
Billy Cornelius
Scrubba -
Shakira Baksh
Mr Bean -
Frank Forsyth
Patient -
Bob Todd



"If you are seriously ill and need to go to hospital, just make sure it isn't the Long Hampton Hospital, as this is where the Carry On team have taken up malpractice.

If it's laughter you're after, however join eminent surgeon Frederick Carver, orderly Screwer and Doctors Stoppidge and Nookey for a prescription of smutty smiles.

It's the perfect tonic you should take as regularly as your funny bone allows.

Where there's a pill, there's a way!"


The Story

Goldie Locks is receiving the best possible medical attention - mainly because Doctor Nookie has fallen in love with her. After a disastrous date, where Nookie gets drunk and causes chaos, he is sent on a mission to the Beatific Islands, home of Gladstone Screwer. Screwer has discovered a miracle slimming potion, which Nookie takes with him back to England and makes his fortune. It would all be perfect if Carver didn't keep trying to steal the potion...




A bit of a mixed bag, really; one minute it's a hospital story, the next it's Dr Livingstone all over again. There are some good gags, and the actors perform well, but in the end this can only be considered a mediocre addition to the series. Not bad, but far from being one of the best Carry Ons.