A Peter Rogers Production
Directed by Gerald Thomas


Screenplay: Talbot Rothwell
Music: Eric Rogers
Certificate A/PG
91 minutes

Dick Turpin/Rev Flasher -
Captain Fancy -
Martha -
Sir Roger Daley -
Madame Desiree -


Tom -
Sergeant Jock Strapp -
Mrs Giles -
Bodkin -
Bill Maynard
Lady Daley -
Margaret Nolan
Isaak -
John Clive
Bullock -
David Lodge
Maggie -
Marianne Stone
Thug -
Billy Cornelius
Coach Driver -
Sam Kelly
Birds of Paradise -
Linda Hooks, Eva Reuber-Stainer, Penny Irvins, Laraine Humphrys



"Notorious outlaw Dick Turpin (more commonly referred to as Big Dick) is running rings around King George's Bow Street Runners.

Can the half-witted Captain Desmond Fancey, Sir Roger Daley and Sergeant Jock Strapp succeed in bringing the wily rogue to justice?

Sid James and the rest of the 'Carry On' gang are having a ball and everyone is invited.

Merry England was never merrier."

The Story

Captain Fancey's aim in life is to get his hands on Big Dick Turpin (so called because of the size of his weapon). Together with Sergeant Jock Strapp, he enlists the Reverend Flasher's help to track the outlaw down. The only problem with his plan is that the Reverend is not all he seems...




A return to the old days; this Carry On works almost as well as those of the series' golden age; it's a good solid romp, with just enough jokes to keep the whole thing rolling. Most of the regulars are still present and despite a few hiccups, it's not bad at all.