Faith healer Francis Bigger (Frankie Howerd) discovers that mind doesn’t always conquer matter when he falls off stage during a lecture.  Bigger is rushed into hospital where he finds himself at the mercy of the fearsome Matron (Hattie Jacques) and Dr Tinkle (Kenneth Williams), an eminent surgeon whose bedside manner leaves rather a lot to be desired. 

Life on the wards becomes increasingly unpleasant for Bigger and his fellow patients, Charlie Roper (Sid James), Ken Biddle (Bernard Bresslaw) and Mr Barron (Charles Hawtrey) but things are far worse for the dashing young Doctor Kilmore (Jim Dale).  When new nurse Sandra May (Barbara Windsor) arrives at the hospital, Kilmore uncovers her shady past with Dr Tinkle who, fearing his secret may come out, hatches a plot with Matron to disgrace the doctor and get him out of the way. 


A Peter Rogers Production
Directed by Gerald Thomas


Screenplay: Talbot Rothwell
Music: Eric Rogers
Certificate A/PG
94 minutes

Francis Bigger - Frankie Howerd
Charlie Roper Sid James
Doctor Tinkle -

Kenneth Williams

Doctor Kilmore -

Jim Dale

Mr Barron - Charles Hawtrey
Matron -

Hattie Jacques

Nurse Sandra May

- Barbara Windsor
Chloe Gibson -

Joan Sims

Ken Biddle - Bernard Bresslaw
Mr Smith -

Peter Butterworth

Nurse Clarke - Anita Harris
Sister Hoggett - June Jago
Sir Edmund Burke - Derek Francis
Mrs Roper - Dandy Nicholls
Chaplain - Peter Jones
Surgeon Hardcastle - Deryck Guyler
Mrs Barron - Gwendolyn Watts
Mavis - Dilys Laye
Henry - Peter Gilmore
Sam - Harry Locke
Nurse Parkin - Valerie Von Ost
Mrs Smith - Jean St Clair
Fred - Julian Orchard
Man from Cox & Carter - Brian Wilde
Patient - Pat Coombs
Simmons - Julian Holloway
Night Porter - Gordon Rollings
Nurse - Penelope Keith



"Frankie Howerd is the guest star in this classic Carry On. He plays Francis Bigger, a charlatan faith healer who ends up in hospital and what a hospital!

Doctors Tinkle and Kilmore have a record most executioners would be proud of. The Matron could bring the dead back to life simply by shrieking at them and the nurses are always raising the blood pressure of the 75 male patients - much to their delight!

Carry On Doctor is a case history of rude health that will have you in stitches!"



Carry On Doctor is the finest of the medical Carry Ons.  The gang really are all here and they are bolstered by the presence of Mr Francis Howerd, whose guest starring role would, in any other film, outshine every other character.  But not when the Carry On gang is at its outrageous best.  Carry On Doctor is a supremely confident film - it’s not afraid to reference past glories and the Carry Ons have never been quite so saucy and suggestive.  

After several years of visually more ambitious and grander productions, the Carry Ons come back down to earth in Doctor but the same beloved performers are all playing the roles we love best.  It reassures the viewer that we are back on familiar ground but at the same time it ups the ante, making the sexual gags even nearer the knuckle and the performances more hilariously grotesque simply because they’re rooted in our everyday reality.  Quite simply, Carry On Doctor is a triumph.